Rikard Holmdahl


Rikard Holmdahl has more than 40 years’ experience mainly from academic research but also from business activities as founder, board member and member of scientific advisory boards for venture capital and biopharma companies. He made his MD and PhD at Uppsala University 1987, professor 1994 at Lund university and in 2008 at Karolinska Institute. He is currently serving in the Nobel assembly and as an adjunct member in the Nobel committee for medicine or physiology. He has more than 500 publications in peer-reviewed academic journals. Holmdahl is, or has been, the co-founder of Arexis, Redoxis, Pronoxis and a scientific advisor for Bankinvest, Hansa Medical, Oxypharma, Cyxone, Lipum. He is the founder of Vacara.

Email: rikard.holmdahl@vacara.se, ceo@vacara.se