Outi Sareila


Outi Sareila (M. Sc. in biochemistry) earned a PhD degree in pharmacology at the University of Tampere, Finland in 2008. She has more than 10 years’ experience in academic research studying inflammation in Finland, Sweden and Germany. She has worked with human cohorts for more than five years and has designed and reported clinical studies for product registrations in Europe, China and in the US. She has worked for three years on design validation of in vitro diagnostic devices in a global diagnostic corporation in Finland gathering knowledge in the regulatory requirements of in vitro diagnostic devices. She joined Vacara 2021 as a coordinator of diagnostic projects.

        She joined Vacara AB in 2021 to strengthen the company’s knowledge in diagnostic test development and commercialization. Since then, she has been actively involved in both diagnostic projects and initiatives related to the development of tolerogenic vaccines.

Email: outi.sareila@vacara.se, cso@vacara.se